LHQ provides law firm owners and their managers with powerful data presented in an easy to understand and use format to improve productivity and profitability at all levels of the firm. 

LHQ will improve legal budgeting, reduce risk, enhance relationships with clients, and increase profit margins, all in a secure and collaborative environment.

Easy Budget creation, monitoring and analysis software

Budget creation monitoring and analysis with a centralised method of working allowing controlled access for interested parties.

Real time reporting

Dashboards and reporting at case, fee earner, work type and office level providing factual evidence from which staff can be managed.

Understanding profit and margins

Understanding the profitability on all work including that with a fixed fee.

Increased client satisfaction

The ability to provide transparency of work in progress will increase client satisfaction.

Understand write-offs

By whom and trends in costly write-offs can be understood so that they can be reduced.

CPR compliant

Provides the ability to create Precedent H and monitor by phase and budget level.