LHQ system is the claims managers system of choice for panel management

LHQ provides Insurers with transparency of costs and case actions. By evaluating data across a legal, both horizontally and vertically, Insurers and their panel law firms will have never before seen data on all the legal service provision enabling a true and detailed understanding of the work being performed. This will help an awareness and improvement in service which will in turn drive down legal costs and case life cycles.

Legal spend monitoring and alerts

This can be done at case level, firm level and individual fee earners against phases and budgets.

Panel firm comparisons

Comparisons across all panel firms using reliable real-time information.

Monitoring of SLA

The facility to monitor the compliance of the SLA’s with the law firms, and take action.

Case Progression can be monitored

Claims handlers can interact and influence cases to drive them forward and prevent costly delays.

Visibility of costs & reserves

Available claimant and defendant costs information can be stored and analysed to build up trends in claimant behaviour. Reserves and estimates can be tracked with incorrect reserves identified and adjusted quickly.

Informed decisions and forecasting

The data will start to show case progression for certain case types or alternatively their deterioration and give optimum settlement times.