LHQ delivers to legal counsel or purchases of legal services a toolkit to manage and understand legal spend. 

LHQ provides a platform for General Counsel and in-house legal teams within corporates and the public sector to manage external law firms or panels by providing a unified, centralised method of managing the pricing, costs and budgeting information. By evaluating data across law firms, corporates will be able to drive up productivity by ensuring the right work is given to the most cost efficient and effective law firm.

General Counsel Costs Transparency

Visibility of information across all panel law firms in one place.

Legal spend monitoring

Monitoring at case level, firm level, and for individual fee earners against budgets.

Panel Comparisons

Reliable key information across the panel to enable an understanding of the best and worst performing firms, fee earners and areas of work.

Case Progression

Cases can be monitored giving the general counsel the opportunity to interact and influence cases to drive cases forward and prevent costly delays.

Automation of budgets

Using a historical database of similarly categorised cases, “averages” can be used and extrapolated to assist in new budget creation.

Informed decisions and risk taking

With in depth knowledge and understanding of the KPIs informed decisions can be made.