Real time management information to control your legal costs and resources.

Visibility on legal fees for informed decisions, productivity and analysis.

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What LHQ Do

LHQ is a web based software solution providing the purchasers of legal services and law firms with real time reporting enabling full transparency and management of legal matters and staff by collecting, analysing and reporting on data extracted from law firms systems.

The focus of LHQ is to aid understanding and collaboration and through doing so deliver improved service, reduce case life cycles and clearer financials.

For the purchasers of legal services the LHQ system provides full transparency of legal costs and the ability to compare panel firms both horizontally and vertically comparing fee earners, firms and case transaction facilitating a collaborative approach to legal case management.

For Law firms LHQ provides full transparency of individual case transactions, fee earner and department performance and service delivery affording the ability to truly manage their firm and improve service and profits. The system also enables the automation of costs budgeting and phased time recording.

The system collects information provided from a law firm’s time recording and case management platform and presents the data on an easy to use customizable dashboard accessed directly via a secure web portal.


Tracking & Visibility

Easy to use real time reporting with traffic light dashboard, alerting users to potential issues enabling direct action.

Analysis & Understanding

Bespoke reporting platform enabling users to customise reports and views to understand trends and variations and take appropriate action. Through full visibility of case transactions there is complete understanding of case actions and charging.

Informed decision making 

Turn raw data into useable KPIs with accurate up to date information decisions can be made quickly and effectively.


Automated budget creation; Precedent H and tailored format

LHQ for Insurance Companies

LHQ provides Insurers with transparency of costs and case actions. By evaluating data across a legal, both horizontally and vertically, Insurers and their panel law firms will have never before seen data on all the legal service provision enabling a true and detailed understanding of the work being performed. This will help an awareness and improvement in service which will in turn drive down legal costs and case life cycles.

LHQ system is the claims managers system of choice for panel management.